The Upper Merion Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2005 to promote quality lacrosse education to the Upper Merion Township community. The Club aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a hig

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  Girls 3/4 grade teams    
1 Upper Merion White    
2 Marple Newtown Silver    
3 Marple Newtown Pink    
4 Springfield Black    
5 URA White    
6 AG Wildcats Maroon    
7 Limerick Blue    
8 AG Wildcats White    
9 AG Wildcats Black    
10 URA Blue    
11 Springfield Blue    
12 Upper Merion Blue    
13 Marple Newtown Orange    
14 Marple Newtown Black    
15 Kennett Blue Demons    
16 Exeter    
17 URA Gold    
18 Pioneer QuixStix    
19 Limerick White    
5:40-5:57 Marple Newtown Silver vs.  Upper Merion White AG Wilcats White vs.  Kennett Blue Demons Limerick Blue vs.  Marple Newtown Black
6:00-6:17 Springfield Black vs.  URA White URA Blue vs.  Springfield Blue URA Gold vs.  Pioneer QuixStix
6:20-6:37 Marple Newtown Pink vs.  AG Wildcats Maroon AG Wildcats Black vs.  Marple Newtown Orange Exeter vs.  Limerick White
6:40-6:57 Springfield Black vs.  Upper Merion White URA Blue vs.  Limerick Blue URA Gold vs.  Marple Newtown Black
7:00-7:17 Kennett Blue Demons vs.  Marple Newtown Pink Marple Newtown Silver vs.  AG Wildcats Black AG Wildcats White vs. Exeter
7:20-7:37 AG Wildcats Maroon vs.  Marple Newtown Orange Springfield Blue vs.  Pioneer QuixStix Limerick White vs.  URA White
7:40-7:57 Exeter vs.  URA Gold Upper Merion Blue vs.  Springfield Black AG Wildcats Black vs.  URA Blue
8:00-8:17 Kennett Blue Demons vs.  Marple Newtown Black Marple Newtown Silver vs.  Limerick Blue AG Wildcats White vs.  Marple Newtown Pink
8:20-8:37 Limerick White vs.  Pioneer QuixStix AG Wilcats Maroon vs.  Springfield Blue Marple Newtown Orange vs.  URA White
8:40-8:57 URA Blue vs.  AG Wildcats White URA Gold vs. Kennett Blue Demons Springfield Black vs.  Marple Newtown Silver
9:00-9:17 Limerick Blue vs.  AG Wildcats Black Marple Newtown Black vs. Exeter Upper Merion Blue vs.  Marple Newtown Pink
9:20-9:37 Upper Merion Blue vs.  Pioneer QuixStix Marple Newtown Orange vs.  Limerick White URA White vs.  Springfield Blue